Under an Indifferent Sun

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Under an Indifferent Sun

This essay is about sunlight and the secrets it keeps. The brighter it shines, the deeper the shadows, the less it reveals. "Shed some light on it" might not produce the desired results.

Daybreak, when the sun rises over the mountain ridge, is my favorite time to photograph Pingtung City. The cool gray stillness of dawn is abruptly met by a flood of brilliant light. As farmers' markets open and people begin their daily routines, life spills out onto narrow streets and alleys. Sounds of the city fill the air, while an indifferent sun burns.

location: Pingtung City, Taiwan
date: 2013 - 2015

notes: The Buddhist swastika in the last image is an ancient symbol signifying auspiciousness and good fortune. It resembles a Nazi swastika but isn't tilted 45 degrees like the Nazi version.

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