Tracing Yesterday’s Footsteps

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Tracing Yesterday’s Footsteps

For the bamboo farmers of Lugu Village little has changed over the years. Daybreak comes and the farmers climb familiar, narrow paths up the mountain. Using small pick hammers they extract bamboo sprouts from the dark soil of the forest's floor. Baskets filled, they carry their harvest down the mountain to sell at local markets. Today like any other day — tracing yesterday's footsteps.

Later in the evening, after the dinner plates have been put away, the farmers share stories. They speak of by-gone times and distant places they’ve never seen. Every now and then someone will say I saw him today. Some believe and others don’t but they’re all familiar with the village folklore. The story of a farmer, like any other farmer, except his time has passed. He continues to climb the mountain, as he always has, trying to find his way home.

location: Taiwan
date: February 11, 2015

notes: Images for this essay were captured during a 2 hour walk. I had no expectations and was pleasantly surprised by what I discovered.

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